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Third Party Recruiting Agency Policy

While it is RLDatix’s preference to source candidates through our internal resources, we do value our relationships with external vendors to assist with some of our recruiting efforts. At RLDatix, we work with third-party recruiters on occasion. We recognize the importance of partnering with third-party recruiters and the goals that can be attained when working together to recruit for strategic positions and understand the amount of time and effort that goes into finding the right match.

Terms of Engagement

In those instances, all third-party agencies must have a fully executed vendor agreement dated no earlier than twelve months prior to the date of resume submission and must have been formally invited to recruit/source for a specific position.  The written agreement must specify the terms, conditions, and fees associated with the recruitment services and need to be established between RLDatix’s Talent Acquisition department and the third-party recruitment agency. Such agreements must have the Talent Acquisition Leader’s signature. Any verbal communication or written communication not meeting these criteria is not binding, and RLDatix will not be liable for a placement fee or payment. RLDatix will not pay a fee to a third-party recruiter or agency that has not coordinated their recruiting activity with the appropriate member of the Talent Acquisition team.

Unsolicited Submissions

All recruiting efforts must be directed to RLDatix’s Global Head-Talent Acquisition and/or Talent Acquisition Manager. Any unsolicited third-party agency resumes forwarded by recruiters to RLDatix or any of our employees or hiring managers for any reason are strictly prohibited and a violation of RLDatix’s vendor policy.  Violating this condition will result in immediate termination of the vendor agreement, and any resume submitted in this manner will be considered public information, may be treated as a direct application from the person identified in the resume, and may be pursued and hired by RLDatix without liability for a placement fee or payment to the third-party agency.

Submission Conditions

For candidate submissions to be considered by RLDatix, the following conditions must be true:

  • A fully executed, valid vendor agreement as specified in the “Terms of Engagement” section of this policy.
  • The vendor must have been invited by RLDatix to recruit for the specific position.
  • The candidate must have given consent to be presented to RLDatix. If a resume is submitted to RLDatix without a candidate’s knowledge, RLDatix may hire the candidate without liability for placement fees or payments.


If you would like to be added to our preferred vendor list, please send an email with your company’s information to It is the responsibility of the third party/agency/staffing/recruitment firm to know and adhere to this policy.