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Working in Business Development

at RLDatix

Welcome to the Business Development team

We are a team of determined multi-taskers, who connect all parts of the business to provide the best account management for our customers. Many of our team are ex-customers of RLDatix so we have walked more than a few night shifts in our customer’s shoes and have an understanding of the pain points and the dedication that is required to deliver the best healthcare or best service. This deep understanding of our customers is what sets us apart from the crowd. We build successful and long-lasting relationships with time and attention, getting to the heart of what matters to our customers and guiding them to the best solutions to meet their need.

Business development

Account management


Sales leadership

My time at RLDatix has been a very exciting journey, encompassing both challenging internal projects as well as great customer successes, giving me great personal and professional growth. What I appreciate the most though, is the people I’m surrounded with. From my own sales team to my managers here in Sweden, and all the people I get to interact with in other teams in Sweden and internationally.

Petteri VuokkoSales Manager, TimeCare, Stockholm

What it is like to work in our department?

Our team is a tight-knit community and we feed off each other’s energy. There is a rhythm to the business which ensures no two days are the same. It is exciting to know that most customer interactions will have an impact on the care or service delivery, and this brings with it a huge sense of responsibility.

How do we make a difference in RLDatix?

Our task is to grow our business. We know that the best way to do this is to understand our customer’s needs first, know about our solutions and carefully match the two in a way that makes a difference. Team motivation is not in short supply, we are encouraged and empowered to take ownership for our customers and our work, all the while maintaining a continuous, open dialogue with the whole business to ensure we do our best for customers.

What is the team's purpose?

We are here to help unlock value by delivering the best possible customer experience and the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs. It is only through delivering real value to customers that we drive the company’s revenue and growth targets.

Where might you find us?

We have team members in each of our geographies: UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia. As we spend most of our time visiting customers, our team is often home-based, but each will have a local office to touch base and connect with the wider business.

Current opportunities in Business Development

Business Development Representative Sales USA - Morristown, NJ
RFP Content Writer Sales Canada - Toronto
Sr. Business Development Manager - Strategic Deals Sales KSA - Saudi Arabia