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Working in Customer Success and Support

at RLDatix

Welcome to the Customer Success and Support team

We provide a proactive service with the goal of continually moving customers towards achieving successful outcomes in their organisations:

Customer Success: We work with our customers to recommend and implement the appropriate pathway of work, for them to achieve their organisational goals and objectives using our solutions.

Customer Support: We ensure the smooth running of our solutions to enable them to focus on the real challenges and reach new heights.





I have worked at RLDatix for almost 5 years now. I think Michael Jordan said it best “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” We have it all in my team with a mixture of fun in-between. RLDatix actually offers a lot of opportunities to interact with other teams both domestically and globally working on other projects outside your standard day to day. I feel these global projects really tie the organisation together and provides opportunities for everyone to move up and grow within the company.

Jivesh Dunraj,Level 1 Application Support Team Lead, Melbourne

What it is like to work in our department?

We have a diverse and important role within the company and regularly work with many of the other departments promoting cross-function working which makes the role very exciting and varied.

One of the most motivating aspects of working in our team is watching the customer journey; customers going from strength to strength, nurturing the relationship and achieving their organisational goals by working together as a team.

How do we make a difference in RLDatix?

Working alongside an account manager we ensure the customer has the knowledge, collateral, and solutions to reach their organisational goals. We also play an integral role in sharing insights that may help to reduce or remove blocks to an organisation achieving their desired success.

What is the team's purpose?

We contribute to RLDatix’s ethos by being the “voice of the customers”. We are a customer advocate and ensure their views are considered and heard by our support, product and development teams. We pioneer new ways of creatively delivering new processes or functionality and proactively responding to the customer’s changing needs or wants.

Where might you find us?

We are predominantly home-based and mostly speak to our customers using Microsoft Teams, however, we also aim to visit customers at least twice a year for success planning meetings.

Current opportunities in Success and Support

Application Support Analyst Client Support KSA - Saudi Arabia
Application Support Specialist Client Support KSA - Saudi Arabia
Customer Success Manager Customer Success UK - General
Customer Success Manager - GRC Customer Success UK - Homebased