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Working in Marketing

at RLDatix

Welcome to the Marketing team

We are RLDatix’s storytellers. We pride ourselves on our ability to use our deep understanding of the market, technology and our customers in combination with our skillsets to deliver interesting, creative and valuable content and activities. Helping our customers and our people navigate our solutions, our organisation and even some of the market changes that impact both.

Integrated campaigns

Digital, design & events

Product marketing

Marketing operations and
lead development

What it is like to work in our department?

Being a marketer at RLDatix means being part of a team that truly looks to make a difference to our customers. Each day presents new opportunities to hone and develop our skills by creating and implementing go-to-market strategies, communications plans, and campaigns. We work on activities that require new and creative thinking, and we do it all as part of a very close-knit and supportive team. We are lucky in that we get to work closely with almost all other functions in RLDatix.

We strive for excellence. We love measurement and use data alongside digital innovation to question the ‘norm’ and always look for solutions to new challenges.

How do we make a difference in RLDatix?

We are dedicated to establishing and growing long-term relationships across all areas of the workforce, whether it’s the clinical staff, senior leadership team, managers or administrators. Our messages are adjusted to align to our audience which allows RLDatix to grow in a sustainable and profitable way, but also enables our customers to look after the wellbeing of their people and patients.

What is the team's purpose?

We bring together all departments, products and services. We craft and harness our messages, techniques and channels to engage with our customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Helping them to navigate their workforce challenges, in turn helps our business to grow.

Where might you find us?

You’ll find us in RLDatix offices across the world, including Richmond, Stoke-on-Trent, Melbourne, Chicago, Toronto, Skopje, and Stockholm.

Current opportunities in Marketing

Community Marketing Manager Marketing Canada - Toronto
Junior Sales Development Representative Marketing UK - Manchester