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Working in Product Management

at RLDatix

Welcome to the Product Management team

We are the ‘problem solving’ team. We are a team filled with passionate, curious, inquisitive people who are keen to ask questions. We listen, digest, and clarify to better understand our customers and what problems they face. We then take that on board as we seek to analyse these problems, categorise them and eventually build solutions to help resolve them. In essence, we are there to create commercially successful products that address genuine customer needs.

Subject matter expertise




Since joining the Product team, working at RLDatix for some time, I feel like I am part of a larger force where my contribution counts; it’s a rewarding job. Product management has so much variety, I would encourage anyone who enjoys creative thinking and problem-solving challenges to consider it.

Jessica BeardmoreProduct Manager, Richmond

What it is like to work in our department?

There is no specific type of person that fits within product management. A common misconception is that members of the product management team are likely to need technical expertise. Technical perspectives can offer value, however, the key attributes that make for an excellent product manager are things like having a solid commercial background, adopting a self-starter / CEO mindsetembodying an entrepreneurial spirit and of course, being a problem solver. There is a great deal of opportunity to develop and grow within the business and you will find that your knowledge of other areas, such as finance, marketing and sales, will also increase significantly during your time here. 

How do we make a difference in RLDatix?

Product management plays an important role in strategy definition and as a team, we influence and impact decisions about our products and solutions. There is ample opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and it is a highly rewarding team to be a part of as the products we develop here at RLDatix make a real impact on people’s lives.

What is the team's purpose?

Our team is here to help generate RLDatix growth by making sure the technology we create provides benefits for customers. These benefits mean customers get a return on their investment with us. We help RLDatix grow by identifying new opportunities and ensuring that we remain close to customer needs.

Where might you find us?

Although mostly UK based, our team is global with team members in Germany, Australia, Denmark and Sweden.

Current opportunities in Product Management

Junior Product Manager - Workforce Management Product Management USA - Charleston, SC